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hope you don't mind one more question. I heard some people when they came home found to sleep it was most comfortable sleeping in a chair and they took something like tylenol PM. This went along with some the bad stories how did you find it was for sleeping?
no i don't mind a bit!
i can see some people feeling more comfortable in a chair to sleep at first. i was DYING to lay on my side but it was an effort the first time - your tummy is sore and just the gravity hurts a bit. in the hospital bed i slept in the reclined but not flat position on my back, just like a recliner would be. when i got home i felt i could turn on the 2nd night, i used 2 pillows, 1 a little bit tucked in under the side of my stomach and 1 right against me. it was a few minutes getting positioned but it worked. i have been sleeping pretty normally.

i take ambien to sleep so that worked fine for me, i would say if you don't usually take a sleep med then tylenol pm would be great. and if your pain is tolerable at that point believe me you will sleep, at least some. it's so nice to get home to your own bed and be able to make yourself comfortable :)