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A while ago i was having sharp shooting pains on the top back left side of my head so i went to the ER and they x-rayed it and sent me home with a muscle relaxer and told me it was a muscle tension headache. The muscle relaxers do not work and ive been taking tylenol, excedrin and advil for DAYS and it doesnt help a bit! And now it has moved to the right side of my head right by my ear. Its EXTREMELY painful. I cry everytime it comes for long periods of time. The whole right side of my face is sore and it hurts to move my jaw. My right cheek is also a little puffy. The pain sometimes feels like it comes right out of my ear. I still cant tell if its just some kind of horrible migraine or a sinus infection or obviously a tooth ache. I need to know what it can possibly be. i DONT have insurance and i dont know if i should go to a dentist or the ER. I cant afford either but if this is an infection it could kill me if i ignore it. I just dont know where to go.