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Ok, I'm confused as to what I've got going on here. It's Saturday night now, and two days ago on Thursday, at about 5 pm I started to have waht I thought were premenstrual symptoms, kinda crampy-like stuff. I've experienced stomachaches and that overall icky feeling before during the start of my period, so I figured it must be that. I had eaten some stuff when I got home from school, but when this stuff started I kinda lost my appetite. I took 2 Rolaids around 7ish, then a few hours later I took two Midol, and then at about 3 or 4 the next morning I took two Tylenol, because I was feeling kinda bloated and didn't know where the Midol was (I wasn't really thinking that Tylenol doesn't help bloating, I guess I was just too tired and out of it). I took this all on a pretty much empty stomach. I had been waking up a lot that night, and finally I woke up at about 5ish in the morning and never got back to sleep, and I had decided I was gonna stay home that day because I wasn't feeling too well by now...no fever or anything, just crampy/empty stomach but no appetite stuff. At about 9 in the morning I took two more Midol, seriously thinking I was starting my period and wanting the cramps to go away. I lay in bed for awhile kinda waiting for them to disappear, even if it seemed to be taking awhile, and finally fell asleep for about 1/2 an hour and when I woke up I felt a little better, like they'd gone away. Still no appetite or anything. (I know this is long and I apologize, but I wanna explain it all.) I finally got out of bed and went to watch TV in another room for a change of scenery, feeling tired and everything, figuring it was from the no eating thing, but I didn't want to eat. At around 12:30 in the afternoon I felt nauseous and started like dry heaving, but not much really came up because I didn't really have anything in my stomach. After this I felt fine, and ate a few chips and drank half a little thing of apple juice, then about an hour later, I had half of an apple. About a half hour after this though, I threw up again. I felt okay after this, took a shower, etc. I asked my mom if she knew what was up, and we kinda figured out the problem, what we thought it must be- taking meds on an empty stomach which initially caused the whole dry heaving kinda thing, and then my stomach must have just kinda "rejected" the food I ate afterwards. So after this I just kinda took it easy, kept myself hydrated on water, didn't feel too bad overall but later on at night I was kinda uncomfortable because my stomach was sort of growly-ish from being empty, but I didn't have much of an appetite. Still no fever or anything. I figured it must be all done and the meds were to blame. That night I fell asleep around 9:30, then woke up about 10:30 ish and threw up a little bit more. I had been sleeping in a sweatshirt underneath my blanket, so I figure that I kinda overheated myself and that must be why. I felt fine right afterwards, especially after taking off my hot sweatshirt, and was able to fall asleep and sleep fairly well through the night. This morning I woke up about 8, still not much of an appetite, but I ate some orange slices, drank more water and kinda nibbled at some soda crackers. Then I just kinda hung out, feeling totally fine except that I felt like I was doing something bad by not eating enough. Even though I didn't feel nauseous or feverish or anything, I kinda lay in bed until about noon or 1ish, taking it easy because I wasn't sure what else to do. Finally my mom suggested that I get up and kinda move around and stuff and that sounded good, so I did, without any problem. I felt totally fine, kept drinking water, and around 5 my mom made me some tomato soup, orange slices and more soda crackers before she and my dad left to go visit my aunt for a bit. I ate some of the soup glad to be filling myself up on something, and after like 20 minutes even though I wasn't feeling nauseous, I didn't really want to eat it anymore, but I made myself keep sipping at it because I didn't want to starve myself. Then suddenly about 10 minutes later I felt nauseous and threw it up. I was pretty pissed now because I felt like I was being deprived of what I tried to eat. I was okay after this...this was about an hour ago, and I've slowly eaten like one and a half soda crackers and drank some more water. I feel fine now, I'm just trying to take it easy. But now I'm all confused. Is the throwing up because of dehydration and kinda forcing myself to eat the tomato soup (which I know is pretty acidic and stuff so it could have shocked my stomach maybe?) or is it like, the flu? I seriously do not think I got the stomach flu or whatever, because I haven't had a fever or diahrrea (pardon my spellingon that one, lol). Plus the flu continually makes you feel like crap and usually you've got the whole temp. thing going on, which I haven't. All this afternoon I was up and fine. Could it just be that my body isn't used to not eating for this long, and the soup I forced myself to eat tonight kinda messed things up? Or what? I'm just asking an opinion on here really quick, cuz I'm curious. Thanks.