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I have serious pain in my left butt cheek[sometimes right cheeck as well]. I'm temporally bed ridden because getting very sick complicated my Duchenne's muscular dystrophy.

This describes the pain - :blob_fire

It makes my eyes water & blur, it also makes me moan, curse and cry. An air filled mattress overlay helps relieve some of the pain because it alternates my position. I also take tylenol for the pain.

Any advice will help. It's driving my Mother & Me nearly crazy.

I also stumbled upon your post and have a little experience here,(I take care of a good friend who is bedridden). I have two thoughts:

1) If there aren't any contraindications with the current medications you take(besides Tylenol- other prescriptions and over the counter things), it might be a good idea to try an anti-inflamitory for the pain, like Advil.
Just call your pharmacy and ask to speak to the pharmacist,give them all your med info and they'll tell you if it is OK for you to take Advil, or maybe Alleve**there are seroius issues if you take a "Statin" med for high cholesterol & then try Alleve,for instance**.

2) With prolonged bedrest, as it seems you are familiar with, sometimes,even with the special matress, it can affect your back,putting extra pressure on certain nerves. This can result in terrible pain,both regular and irregular.
If you haven't called your doc yet, you might want to, and explain the pain.They may reccomend that your leggs be elevated for certain periods of time, and other positioning throughout the day/night with pillows to alleviate some of the pain and pressure on stubbord/sensative nerves.

I hope this might help you,and I really wish "spell check" was available here:dizzy:

Feel better, Becca