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So about a week before halloween I got a cold. It was kinda differen't then my usual cold, but eventually I was just left with a sore throat. Well one night, a few days before halloween, it was so sore! When I swallowed, it even hurt my ears. The next day I went to the clinic where the dr said my throat was slightly red, my ears were fine, and I didn't have swollen glands. he told me to take some tylenol cause it just looked like whatever virus was going around. Anyways, for the past 2 weeks I have had on again off again sore throat. Last night though it REALLY hurt again. It hurt to talk, and it hurt into my ears when I swallowed. The thing is, it is a localized pain. It feels like it is just in the area around where my esophogus starts. It felt almost like it was hot and inflamed feeling last night. So I was thinking I would be going to the dr today but then last night I took two ibeprophins and some buckleys and 2 hours later I felt 80% better!! Anyways, why do I have this on again off again sore throat?