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Okay, this is kind of screwed up. I have been in chronic, daily physical pain now for 3 years, and have required opiates to "lessen" it since ) March '04. When it first began, obviously, I did everything within my power to get a concrete diagnosis nailed down. I presented with symptoms that, when confirmed, I found out did seem to be endometriosis- severe. The pain at that point wasn't really cyclical though, and was most of the month. When we did the Lap. the OB/GYN said he saw a lot of it....and that it was also very extensively throughout my bowels as well. I kind of figured about the bowels b/c I have pain way up there too and my bowels have been very sick for years.

I was told the Lap. was to diagnose AS WELL AS remove any that he found. They said the procedure would be 1-1.5 hours....so when I woke and did the math that I'd only been out maybe 30 minutes, I was sooooo very sad. The doc came in and confirmed the dignosis (tell me something I don't know) and I sked why he didn't do what he said. He kind of stuttered around an explanation....so I went home, literally in tears.

Then the rescheduled another Lap. for like 14 months later, and only then due to the fact that by then I was hemorraging massively. Again, from that Lap. I awoke in the same God awful pain, and when he came in, the doctor said he couldn't find any endo or any of the "massive adhesions" he'd seen before. I was SOOOO MAD.

At that point, the only other thing I did to find a full diagnosis was visit an internist about my joint pain- my knees especially, my hands, wrists, hips, back, elbows, lol. He checked for Arthritis and Lupus of course, and was neg. I do have a thyroid disorder, blood clotting disorder that definitely DOES make my cycles much heavier and longer and therefore more painful, and a very large Goitre in my neck that's been there for 6 years. Oh, and almost daily migraines now.

Currently, I have daily pain, all day, waking me in the night even w/pain meds. My Rx is Percocet (generic) 5/325, and I'm supposed to take about 4-5 a day, as need obviously, but he said no more than 6 a day. Most days I tke the full 6, and that's just to *mildly* function and not lay on the ground, writhing in pain. I hve also tried Statex Morphine pills recently, codeine (which my stomach cannot tolerate), and oral Demerol. Where I live, there are no pain clinics or anything close to it (60,000 people) and my doctor said a pain clinic in the city 3 hours away wouldn't help me. Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions? I used to come here all the time years ago, but haven't for a while. And is there any better pain relievers that might be more suited to my types of pain?

Thanks everybody. Good to be back.

Oh, and I forgot to mention that due to the blood disorder, I cant have any blood thinners....ibuprofen, advil, etc. And Tylenol does nada for me.