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The thermometer reading have a lot to do with what kind you use. If its a mercury than the house may be cold, or you shook it to far, or this may be his normal temp. just because 98.6 is the norm does not mean that it is the norm for everyone. like elderly temps are norm at 96.8 and babies are different also. so the motrin might have broke his fever.

Did the doctors ever give you any clues as to whats wrong? My best friend lives in East Tennessee and has a 9 year old that started spiking 103 temps for no reason, she actually had him at the doctor twice and the ER twice, and they never found out what was wrong. No other symptoms with the exception of being tired and achy from the fever.

Then I had another friend who has a 3 year old who did this same thing, and with no results. after about a week all were fine, and with no residual symptoms.

You might try alternating the tylenol with motrin my peds told me once when my baby was sick that alternating them sometimes help get the temp down faster. also tepid baths, and having your house warm not hot and letter him/her run around with no clothes own. just some suggestions for natural ways of bringing down a fever.

Hope this helps. Keep us posted on how your baby is.

I am glad you found out whats wrong. A couple things you can try are a cool mist humidifier, running a hot shower and just sitting in the bathroom with the steam, or taking a warm shower. As far as meds I think the mucinex is just for chest congestion as you said, but you could try something like triaminic for congestion. Any of the childrens cold meds that are for head congestion. Usually pseudophed does the trick. Just watch the tylenol dosages sometimes the cold meds have the tylenol in them as well. I also saw this thing on tv the other night about a thing you plug into the wall, I think it may be by nyquil (sp) but it helps with congestion. something else is the stuff you rub on their chest that helps with the nose stuffyness as well. I would just keep an eye on the breathing and make sure it does not get worse, but hopefully some of these things will help.

Sorry to ramble on, can you tell I have been there. My daughter was only 6 weeks old when we had our first run in with the whole ear infection/cold. We still don't know what was really wrong with her. She was in the hospital for 4 days. it was horrible, but she is just like me. she usually gets one bad cold a year, so i try to stay up to date on all the cold meds.

good luck. hopefully your baby is feeling better.

keep us updated.