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My thoughts are with you too. Please keep us posted. When I had the needle wire biopsies I was pretty emotional about it and no localization was used, but I was anesthesized for the biopsy part and all in all it was okay and just about a 1 1\2" incision w/ stitches covered by dressing. Tylenol for pain was fine and I just had to watch activities while I healed. I was in hospital initially for a hysty and while on the table had the LB biopsy. Two weeks later came back into hospital for MRM of LB for stage 1 in-situ comedo carcinoma. Two years later back in for simple mastectomy for multiple calcifications and lobular hyperplasia in which enlarged lymphs found. I'm still here after 16 years and doing fine. Ya'll hang in there. Take each day, one foot after the other. Sometimes you think you're sailing along fine, and out from behind a wall you'll get hit with a brick and emotions get you going Its normal. This is a lot to handle. As women we tend to put ourselves last behind caring for everyone else. This is a time for YOU. And as nurses (I'm an RN) we care for others before ourselves too. We have to remember if we dont' take care of ourselves, we can't take care of others. Love and hugs.