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I have insurance through Cigna which finally allows you so see a specialist without having to have a referral. The only thing I know we HAVE to do is call in if we have to be hospitalized. I have never had much faith in doctors or labs or emergency rooms for that matter. I have gone for pap smears and been told I had an abnormal pap. My doctor performed a copolscopy on me and this comes back inconclusive from the lab. What the ???? Ok..now she wants to do a LEEP procedure which means I have to go in to the hospital, get put under so they can cut out a part of my cervix. I opted for NO. I waited six months...went back in for a new pap smear and it came back NORMAL.

Another occurrence happened when my son had trouble breathing one morning. I took him to the emergency room and the people there checked him out and took x-rays of his chest, gave him some pain med and said he merely bruised his chest from severe coughing. On the way home he is throwing up not once but three times. I took him to his pediatrician and come to find out he had pneumonia was told to take him off whatever they gave him (Tylenol with Codeine) and he gave me something else to give him which worked. There are some doctors who do know what they are doing and others who don't know squat. You have be very careful choosing your doctor but sometimes that can be very tricky.