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Well I couldn't find a forum for this subject so here goes: Two mornings ago I woke up with a painful shoulder blade and stiff neck. I just figured I slept on it wrong. But throughout the day the pain would shoot from my right shoulder, up my neck and up into my temple and ear area. I didn't think a muscle problem in the shoulder blade would effect the side of my head, so now I'm wondering if I pinched a nerve. I know zip about the nervous system structure -- so do we have nerves that extend upwards fro the shoulder like that? I am still a bit sore and if I move my neck a certain way I get that shooting pain into my head. I applied a ThermoWrap the first day to my back, and am taking Tylenol since. Any insight from anyone would be appreciated.
I have had the same thing twice in the past year and a half or so, and I know it is so painful. If you can take Aleve or Motrin though, those tend to work a lot better than Tylenol. I agree also that if it lasts more than a week, or for longer than you can stand it, see a doctor. I also had good results from a chiropractor who used computer type technology to adjust me. The only thing with that route though is that it tends to take longer to work than some of the treatments a medical doctor can offer.