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Our daughter had it done for the first time at 13 months and like the two PPs, it was the best thing we ever did for her. I have just one suggestion. If you can avoid the pre-op meds, do it. All it does is make the child not care that she is being taken away from you and it makes the wake up so much more traumatic. She only had it given the second time and that was the only time she was in a state of panic upon waking. When we mentoined the difficult wake up the to the anesthesiologist the third time she told us that it was the pre-op liquid valium that caused that. They didn't give it and like the first time, it was so much easier. Now, as far as hurting. They give them like two puffs of gas, enough to put them out for ten to 15 minutes. Ten minutes after they took her back they came to tell us they were done. 20 minutes later we were taken back to recovery where we held her while she drank some apple juice. She never needed anything stronger than tylenol for the pain and we only had to give that once after the procedure. After the third one we even stopped on the way home at a mall for lunch. She ate 2 chicken nuggets and rode a merry-go-round! She did have a couple of infections afterwards but they were easily treated with antibiotic ear drops rather than the oral kind and they were less painful since the ears were able to drain. We also never needed ear plugs afterwards, even for the pool. We were told they are no longer necessary unless the child is going to be three feet or more under water.

Good luck!