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[QUOTE=lala1022;2748502]Hello all, my wife had a bunion removed when she was 18 years old and never went back to get the screw out. Now 12 years later she is due to have it removed in 2 days. She is scared because the first surgery was painful, according to her. The screw bothers her everyday, especially when it is cold, rainy.

What kind of pain will she expect?
What are the meds for pain?
How long off her feet?
Do I as her husband have to change all of our 4 1/2 month old sons diapers???
LOL at 4th question

Please respond, with info

THanks all!!!!
This usually is done in the office ( podiatrists) and involves local topical injection of numbing medication, and small incision and removal of screw by hand. Two or three stitches, tops. Band-aid and a little tape to help close incision site. Pain medication if this bothers you. Most people only need regular tylenol or tylenol three for two days. Stay off the foot, elevate it for three days, wear loose shoe and you are back to normal within a week of the procedure. I had this done three years ago- it was a piece of cake. And, yes, you will change diapers for that time, just to be sweet to your dear loving wife!!! LOL !!