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I was lurking on this board before my hyst because I was so nervous regarding pain and recovery time. I thought I would post my experience for anyone who is going to have this surgery.

Day 1 - I checked in at midnight. They charge beds at midnight so this is one way insurance companies save money. I changed to a hospital gown and had my vitals signs checked. Then I was shaved completely up to my abdomen. After that I had enemas. I knew I was going to so I ate very lightly the 2 days before. It only took about 15 minutes to clear me out. I then took a shower with antibacterial soap that turns the skin orange (it wears off). Next, an IV was started and blood drawn. Then I was given a sleeping pill.

I was broiught a clear liquid breakfast at 6am and I ate some jello and drank the juice. At 7am, I was not allowed to have anything more to eat or drink. They came at 10:30 to take me to the operating room. First, the nurse gave me a sedative in the IV. My husband was allowed to go down with me to the holding area. Almost immediately, they came to get me and I said good-bye to my husband until after the surgery. Right away the anesthesiologist introduced herself and put another medication in my IV. Then she put the mask over my mouth and I was out for the count.

I woke up in recovery but went back to sleep while they took me back to the room. My husband was waiting there. I had a bit of pain so they put Demerol and Phenergan in my IV. Back to sleep.

Day 2 - During the night, the nurse checked often for vital signs and if I needed pain meds. About 6am, she took out the catheter and the vaginal packing. That pinched a bit but was a relief to have out because they were causing pressure. I had another clear liquid breakfast and I ate it all because I knew if I did, the IV would come out. Once they pulled the IV, I took a bath at the sink and put on my own nightie and robe. They started me on Demerol and Phenergan in the pill form but I noticed my face had a rash. I was able to start walking the halls as this helps with the gas pains. I had a little trouble starting my urine but it got better as the day progressed and I drank lots of water to help. If you can't go, the nurse can break an ammonia pack and hold it under there. The fumes will make you urinate.

I was awake all day and felt pretty good. I took the pain meds when they were due and kept walking. By evening the rash on my face was bad and I felt shaky. They stopped the Demerol and put me on Percocet. The rash started disappearing right away and the reaction was probably due to the Phenergan. After eating dinner and visiting with hubby, I got washed for bed and had another sleeping pill plus 2 Ducolax laxatives. I slept all night without waking.

Day 3 - I woke up feeling great! The constant cramping and bloating feeling I had lived with was gone. The residual pain was minor and I was surprised to realize the pain I had lived with for so long was much more than the hysterectomy pain! I ate breakfast, washed, and changed into my regular clothes, then went walking the halls. I had a BM and told the nurse right away. I wanted it in my chart before the doc came. Once he got there and saw how well I was doing, he discharged me. I have to take iron tablets for 2weeks and I have the Percocet for pain but I don't really need it. Tylenol will work fine. I think by tomorrow there really won't be any pain left. When I see the doc in 2 weeks, he will discuss hormone therapy.

I can't believe I put this surgery off due to fear of pain. I was kept so comfortable that this was a breeze. I get euphoric when I think that I will never have the terrible cramping and bleeding again. It had got so bad that I was missing 3 days of work every month and still suffering for about 7 more days. Then there was the constant heaviness and cramping. I'm 48 years old, had fibroids and cysts, am not going to have any more children :p , and I should not have waited so long to have the surgery. I'm home gettng ready for pizza and a movie with my husband and I feel fine.

I hope my own experience will help alleviate someone else's fears. I would be happy to answer any questions.

You're right, not everyone will have such an easy time. I did have my ovaries, uterus, and cervix removed vaginally and my uterus was enlarged. But I had no adhesions from any previous surgery. I had my appendix out 29 years ago and that's it.

Today is day 6 after the surgery. I have felt so good that I have to stop myself from doing too much. I work fulltime and even thought of going in for a few hours this week as my job is at the computer and is not physical at all. Well, my husband and my boss wouldn't hear of that! But I expect to go back on Monday. I have a very understanding boss and I can leave if I feel tired.

So far my energy has been more than I had before surgery! I didn't realize how much the constant cramping and the heavy bleeding were weighing me down. I don't really have any pain now; just some very mild cramping at times that Tylenol can take care of. I sleep like a rock all night but have not felt the need for any naps or anything during the day. I feel so good that I want to do things but I know it is best if I take it easy. Hubby is still home with me and prepares all the meals and does the cleaning so I feel very pampered. Truthfully, I feel like I could do more. I did clean the bathroom sinks last evening and swept the floors while hubby was napping. I think he is more tired than I am! Ha! Now he sees how much I do and still work fulltime.

I think that if men had to go through what we do, someone would have invented a painless, non-invasive laser surgery that is sold over the counter! Taking 6 weeks off is not an option for a lot of women who count on their paycheck. This should be covered under short term disability and available to all women. We need to urge our congressperson to fight for women's health benefits. Women are the backbone of this country and the family. We need to take better care of them.