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Hi everyone, I am new to this forum, but hope to become a regular. I just had two ankle joints fused and a bone graft from my shin on Feb. 12th, spent 4 nights in hospital, 2nd night was the worst for pain. I had general anesthetic with some additional medication at surgery time for nausea. I have been at home in a plaster cast for 8 days now. I am non-weight bearing for 6 - 8 weeks, I get around my house on crutches and a small office chair for getting around my kitchen so I can carry things. I have 3 kids who help quite a bit, my husband works from home, but his week he is at a trade show every day, I seem to manage, although I haven't tried stairs yet. My main gripe right now is the plaster cast. I guess since some swelling has gone down, the plaster that was formed around my ankle now rubs on the main outer ankle bone. I take tylenol for pain, but since I have had this rubbing I have had to take Oxycodone at night in order to sleep. I will be getting the plaster cast off and stitches out on Thursday... I can't wait. I'll get an air-cast then. I hope this helps, ask me anything if you think I can help, I sure like knowing I'm not alone in this process.