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I am not sure where to put this, but i'm peeving mad. I went to the medical records department in our hospital (i've had 3 visits over the last 2 years) to get copies of my records and lab work. I was informed that i didn't have lab work done for one of my visits. And i know i had lab work done. i went in on this particular day because i was vomiting blood for the last week and my fiance forced me to go in (2005). I was later informed the next day when i was still there that It appears that i might have an auto-immune condition (2 other doctors had same confirmation in the next few months.....they ALSO lost my work!!). I really dont know what to do?? I need copies of these records but the stuff i NEED is not there... and apparently the day i had the labs i needed, he took a strep test from my throat??? um... NO!! I had no strep throat test, my throat was never swabbed. I basically had blood taken, was given 2 tylenol and got shuffled off to my GP who i informed the ER doc that they didnt even care about me (the GP) So i left really upset and crying.

I feel like im losing my mind! Scrambling everywhere to get copies of stuff, lookin for new doctors, my symptoms are still worse, and yes, my newest GP just left me to go work for an office of doctors that well...i was looking for, but in another city. What do i do?? Should i make a complaint? I checked the name on teh lab work, its all my name...but not my tests. :mad:

Pleses someone who knows what to do tell me, i dont really want to start all over again.