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Heres exactly what I did...
I looked up a pharmacy close to my home. Then I called told them what Im on now, and how could I get the same med but without the tylenol, ect. Some ppl are even allergic to some of the fillers and dyes they use. Its not uncommon at all.
The girl was super nice, and told me what they could do for me.
Next day I went to my appt, and ask my doc how he felt about compounding because somone on the PM board here had mentioned how it had been an option for them. I also stated the reason Id like to try it if he wouldnt mind, is becasued Id like to save my organs. Im only 45, and dont know how long Ill have to be on this stuff.
My doc said sure, he uses it all the time for thyroid and hormone pts but hed call them and check...the pharmacy he uses for that.
He called them right there in front of me and ask the pharmacist what he needed, and the pharmacist told him hed have to mail a written script. You could take it in physically, i guess, but im 4 hours away from the pharmacy.
Also they cant call in anything, or fax, because when you take the other ingredients out of the med it makes it a Sched II. Whereas vicodin, norco, ect are a sched III, but can be called in.
So he mailed her the script, and i think they got it today and make it today and ship it out tomorrow.
The lady says it takes a day to make. I hope this helps. Remember to explain to your doc that youd like to see if hes open to it. and express concern for your body. My doc has not problem at all for me to suggest things. I guess it saves him legwork:D
Good luck, dont worry, you are only seeking some new alternatives!

P.S. Compounding has been around for years! hell know what it is.
well If anyone else is interested, I just talked to a compound pharmasist who explained how my doc was to write the script, he said to write: compound hydrocodone ?mg. NO TYLENOL Long Acting, or my doc can just call and they will walk him through it. The compound pharmacist was sooooo nice and didnt treat me like a seeker he just treated me like a person with a little knowledge that needed help understanding the process.Great! now I keep my fingers crossed!:angel: :wave: