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Well, actually he performed the proper surgery...an Austin/Aiken procedure. Breaking the metatarsal and toe bone and re-aligning them.
The 'cleaning up' entailed scrapping the arthritis spurs from the head of the metatarsal, re-positioned the medial tendon/tightened the lateral tendon and removed the proximal screw which, he said, was "very difficult" to get out. Said he had to do a lot of 'digging.' He had to position the toe bone to sit properly on the head of the metatarsal. He attributes the excessive pain to the fact that these tissues were still inflamed from the 1st surgery.
The first three days I was taking dilaudid with a percocet 'rescue'. Finally, today I'm down to two percocet and some extra strength tylenol. Getting around on crutches isn't as easy as the first time...guess I'm pretty debilitated.
But, the worst is behind me...it can only get better from here:) J.