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I feel for you. She doesn't feel well, and she misses mommy! Poor thing! I would give her some infant tylenol if the fever is 100 degrees or higher, and just hold her as much as possible. She is probably feeling a little insecure right now. Is there another family member or even a friend that can come help you with babysitting? Good luck.
Hang in...not much longer now!

Is she at your home, or are your at hers? I would think keeping her in familiar surroundings would be helpful.

Do they use Tylenol for the fever, perhaps Tylenol Cold for the other symptoms? We also found a humidifier very helpful during colds and stuffiness. We also used a Vicks plug-in. It sends the vapors into the air.

Cold, but not frozen washcloths for the teething, Orajel nighttime, Hyland's tablets for the teething.

Lots of rocking, singing, cuddling...I know you're tired.

Like previous poster said, could someone help you?

Good luck:)