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Hello, I have been having pain on my left side(an inch left of my navel) for a few months...it went away for a month and just recently came back...I started gto get cramping but I ignored it because I was expecting my period any day..3 weeks later with the pain comming and going I finally got my period...once I was done, the pain was still there..I went to emergency and the doctor felt my stomach and that there was a small lump and said that I have hernia..he suggested that I take stool softners to ease on the pain. Not even a week later I was in much more pain...I went to the hospital again and another doctor felt where my pain was and said that he felt a small lump but it wasnt a hernia and didnt know what it was...he then got a sergeon to take a look at me...the surgeon felt my stomach but said he couldnt really feel a lump and said I should go for a CT asap. The next morning I went for a CT scan...the results were negative...nothing came up at all....the surgeon said it could be a small hernia..too small for it to come up ...but wasnt positive...the only way of finding out what it is it to cut me open....anyone have anything like this? or any suggestions if I should go for the surgery? he prescribed me tylenol 3s in the meen time.