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My 3rd GE Specialist recently said they may have to eventually refer me to a PM specialist. I am in my early 30's and have had midline (directly below the sternum) pain that crescendos and radiates to my back for the last two years. These are acute attacks always in the same place that come every 1 to 5 days with each lasting about 4 hours with dull pain thereafter. Sometimes they are back-to-back attacks in the same day.

I had my gallbladder removed which wasn't ultimately the problem (but did create IBS like issues thereafter). I have had two MRI's, a CAT scan, two ultrasounds and two endoscopies. Nothing seen but gastritis but the pain is deemed too severe for that to be the cause. Now I'm being told to get a 24 hr. urine porphyrin (?) and will likely be asked to have SO momometry and an ERCP (which I do not feel good about). And I have taken almost everything - Aciphex, Protonix, antispasmodics, anti-depressants, steriods, nitroglycerin, anti-anxieties ...

While I keep getting more workups, what might I expect to gain from a PM specialist? Right now I am left taking 1 g of Tylenol per attack along with the antispasmodic and it doesn't help but a little ... but a little is a little better than nothing. My Neurologist (I hit the jackpot and have OSA too) talked about Neurontin, but my pain wouldn't be considered "chronic", right? And, the side affects of Neurontin do not seem encouraging given my OSA/fatigue issues.

What should I expect and prepare for a PM visit (if anything)? What is effective for pain rated 6 to 8 (out of 10) that might help me live/act normally when the pain hits?

Thanks in advance for any advice/direction! I am pretty fatigued by this whole process at this point. Am in pain today in fact ... again.

I think I just have docs that are not big pain med believers. My 2nd GE did prescribe Stadol NS for awhile but it didn't help much and I read lots of people saying to avoid it. So, back to regular Tylenol which I sometimes take more than recommended which probably makes it as bad or worse than other pain medication.

Just wondering. If I induce vomiting (usually three to five times), I get better pain relief than Tylenol. I'm not sure if it's the contractions or something else. Doc says it's hard to say but that it's not a healthy practice. Gotta love the choices! Did you ever have this experience?

All I know is that I do not want to take Ultram. My regular doctor gave me that once for strep and not only did it do nothing for pain, I could not sleep at all!

Thanks for your support. I know what you mean by not being keen on another operation. I'm not keen on yet more scoping.

Best to you!