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Hi Cheerangel,
The hives are almost gone today , and i changed laundry soap and shampoo , Cond and soap and also it has warmed up here today , i'm keeping my fingers crossed. I was looking at the diseases you say can cause the cold hives and they are some pretty serious diseases it scared the crap out of me when i saw what they were. The doc just sent me last week for blood work and ekg urine test , he said everything was good . I wonder if those blood disorders would show up on these blood tests , he did for everything i think or almost evreything was ticked off on the paper cripes :dizzy: . I believe her did for thyroid , diabetes too.
Yes the benadrl made me very drowsy , it was o.k as i laid down for awhile , i think i used claratin before, for my sinus's a few years ago. That's a long story too. All of a sudden started getting headaches everyday almost and my head felt like it was soaring in the air with tons of pressure and dizzy too , almost had a hard time keeping my balance. I thought i had a brain tumour as my father had one and died because of complication's although it was non cancerous. Doc said it was not herditary anyway , i figure by now i would of died of it as it has been since 2002 , anyway i took tylenol , and claratin and the next thing i'm blowing chunks of yellow slug out of my nose and voila i felt better. I still have quite a bit of headaches sometimes migraines maybe 5 migraine's a year , but my head feels not so fuzzy anymore since i'am able to get the slug stuff out my head feels better. Not sure what that was all about or why i even had it maybe it was an allergy of some sort.
I will keep my jacket with me , as is to cold to go without one still ,i will have to make a appoitment with the gp anyway to see what the heck was going on. I hardly had any at all today , it seems each day there are fewer and fewer , but i have been really lathering up on the lotion, my skin is so very dry and itchy anyway , are there completely safe vitmins for your skin being so dry ? Maybe vitamin e ? Any suggestions ? :wave: