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Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone out there might have some input for me.

Abougt 3 weeks ago, my son came down with a viral bug. We're pretty sure he got it from my mom, who had been watching him the night she came down with it. Two days after she got sick, my son woke up with a fever. The highest it got to was 101.6 and that was only once. Tylenol always brought it back down quickly. He never threw up but did have some diahrrea (my mom had both). The fever lasted 2 days, and then 2 days after it was gone, he developed a rash on his groin, tummy, back, chest, neck, and even a little into his face. I took him into a walk-in clinic where I was told it was probably just a post-viral rash. After that, it would kind of clear up, then come back pretty bad again, then clear up again, etc. This lasted for about 2 weeks.

For the last several days, the rash has been gone and hasn't returned at all. But last weekend I noticed when I was changing his diaper that the glands on each side of his groin were swollen, to the point that they were visably noticeable. I felt them and they were hard lumps. I scheduled an appointment with his regular pediatrician right away on Monday. He felt the glands and said he could feel what I was talking about. But then he said that he doesn't think it's anything to worry about that and it can just be "normal." He just said to bring him back in if they get bigger.

My son hasn't had a fever at all since that initial one, his appetite is excellent, he's sleeping fine, energy and activity level is fine... basically he's acting like he feels perfectly normal. The last few days I hadn't been able to see the glands, but then this morning while I was changing him to get him ready for church, he started to roll over as I was doing it and I could clearly see the lump again. I now only see it on the left side.

My dad told me that "years and years ago when I was really thin" (haha, and he was, he was 5'8 and 117 lbs!), that he could always see and feel his glands in his groin and that it was just normal... they were just so visible because he was so thin. My son is also very thin. I myself am very tiny and my husband is also very slender. Also, my husband and I were remembering a few years back when he (my husband) came out of the bathroom one day and told me he could feel lumps on the side of his groin and was scared. I told him that they were just glands and that it was normal. (Now he teases me because I handled that so nonchalantly and now I'm freaking out over our son.) So it does seem to be normal to be able to see and feel these sometimes... it's just that I've never noticed them on him before. And I know that I've had swollen glands while/after being sick plenty of times, but always in my neck. I've never had swollen glands in my groin.

He's got his 2 year check-up coming up in a few weeks (will be two later this month), and I figure I'll definitely have his doctor (will be a different one because his previous doctor left the clinic) check them out. If they do get bigger before then, I'll take him in. I'm just wondering if anyone out there ever experienced this with their child (or themselves!) and it turned out to be normal? Also, are they any specific questions I should ask his doctor about it at his check-up, or any tests I should request if the glands are still swollen at that time?

Thanks everyone, and I apologize for practically writing a book here!