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[FONT="Verdana"]My 15 month old daughter has been sick since 2/28/07. We have seen her pediatrician 11 times since then. She has had an ear infection, stuffy/runny nose, cough, and fever. For 2 weeks she had intermittent vomiting and was slightly dehydrated. She was put in the hospital for 24hr IV fluids at that time and seemed to get better, but 2 days later started with the fever again. Up until this point her temp had been between 100 F to 103 F. It then began to shoot up to 104 to almost 105 F. She tested positive for flu at this time (previously they said rotavirus when she was vomiting). All along she also acts like her arms (or hands) and legs are hurting. She walks OK, but does not sleep well at all. She is constantly showing me her arms and legs when I ask her what's wrong (she can't talk yet). Anyway, this last Saturday her temp was 107 F, so I rushed her to the hospital. We were able to get it down to 102 with Tylenol and Motrin together, but the doctor was concerned about her White Blood count. Her lab results are as follows:

Blood Count
WBC 23.8 High
RBC 3.66 Low
HGB 10.1 Low
HCT 29.4 Low
MCV 80.3
MCH 27.8
MCHC 34.5
RDW 12.8
PLT 566 High
MPV 6.4

Automated Differential
NE% 49.0
LY% 38.8
MO% 12.0
EO% 0.1
BA% 0.1
NE Absolute 11.7 High
LY Absolute 9.2
MO Absolute 2.9 High
EO Absolute 0.0
BA Absolute 0.0

Anyone have any idea what this could mean???????
They retested today and her WBC was down, but I'm not sure how much. She did start running another fever again, but it has not gone over 103 (yet). Her doctor did say she was anemic, so we started her on iron drops.
I know this is alot to take in, but I am getting worried about this unexplained fever lately and the arm/leg pains. Any advice would be appreciated!!!!!!