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Hi dancersmom!
[COLOR="Blue"]Congratulations on 30 days smoke free!! Wonderful!!:blob_fire :blob_fire
I'm so sorry you are having such a hard time with the side effects.
Please let your doctor know if they get ANY worse. Cutting your dosage might help, but let your doctor know about it.

Good Luck to you!!:angel:

Hello dobie57,
[COLOR="Red"]WOW! 9 weeks smoke free!!! AWESOME!!:angel: :blob_fire :blob_fire

For the constipation I used milk of mag. I had to use it about once a month while on the Chantix. I really dislike using a laxative. But even with the increase in fiber and bran and taking the Metamusil, I still had to take it.
Once I stopped the Chantix, my bowels got back to normal in about 2 weeks.
There was no way I could overeat while on the Chantix. The constipation had me feel full all the time. I didn't gain my weight until after I got off the Chantix. But then, Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays were there with all that yummy food that I only see once a year!! I took off that 15 pounds that I gained after the first of the year. I'm back where I started from now.

Don't know what to tell you about the insomnia. Try Tylenol p.m. or benedryl.
You are doing so good!!! Way to go!!!:blob_fire