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I've had horrible ear cartilage pain for about 4 months now. It gets so bad that I will get shooting pain to the ear area if I wear sunglasses or earrings. I have Crohn's disease, TMJ and suffer from other ailments stemming from the Crohn's like arthritis and have taken so many medications that I have picked up a neuropathy along the way and other problems. I hate this pain most of all and wish I could get help. Tylenol helps a little and Advil helps alot but I am not supposed to take Advil since it can flare my disease. I recently stopped taking a low dose chemotherapy med called methotrexate due to a bad case of labrynthitis (inner ear inflammation). I am 34 years old, female and feel like it is just one thing afterthe next healthwise!!!!:confused:

Does anyone find any other kind of relief?

My head/neck specialist said the ear pain was related to TMJ and would go away when the TMJ stopped flaring.