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hey everyone
Yesterday afternoon I started feeling achy and my muscles were all sore, then later that night I spiked a fever of 101.8 and got a really bad sore throat and was just weak.. my mom looked in the back of my throat and saw red bumps and some white spots. My neck hurts so bad it hurts to move it. I took some tylenol and my fever went down to 100.6. Now today my throat is just as bad, my neck is worse kinda, and im still weak and dont feel like doing anything. My fever went down to 99.3. So thats good. But does anyone else think its strep?? I havent had that in years because I dont have tonsils. Someone mentioned to me meningitis because of the neck pain but my fever went away with medicine...it would not do that if I had meningitis right?
Kinda worried...I am a horrible worrier ha