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I still can't fall asleep even when really tired. I'll start thinking about everything and anything. Today I feel like such a mess because I didn't sleep right.

I went through the same thing due to a break up and it was so hard to get through and I still have my days believe me it's not easy.

I've tried reading and yes it helps me. I'm also into crafts and believe it or not but i bought a coloring book and some pencils the other day and just coloring helps..brings me back to my childhood and takes away from other things. I also try baths and certain calming scents like lavander.

At times I get frustrated and don't know what to do either, but then I take my medicine as I should and that helps. As for sleeping aid, my psychiatrist didn't want to give me anything, so I went to the pharmacy and bought Simply Sleep from Tylenol, just make sure you have time to dedicate to the full 8 hours.