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Well for the past year now I have lost like 20 lbs I am 6' 1" and I am like 143 lb male I used to be about 165 lbs (which was still skinny). I have a physical job that I work 12+ hr shifts. I went on a McDonalds diet (to gain weight) for like 6 months and I lost 5 lbs I was eating like 13 double hamburgers a day. I drink way to much liquids a day a 12 pack of soda about a gallon and a half of water a gallon of gatoraid and other little juices all day. I take 2 tylenol pms every night to sleep and that is the only drug I use (besides my inhalor for ashma). On my days off I feel weak and tired and dont wana do anything. I have been using the tylonol pm for about a year when I first got my job. I just wana feel healty again but I never do. I NEED the sleep aid in order to keep my job which pays me very very good. Krones disease (the intestine thing) runs in the family (my mom has it). Dont know if this may be something I have cause i have stomach aches all the time and loose stool. Any other information needed please let me know. I have seen Doctors about this but they dont help much. My body fat is like around 7%.