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I just don't think there's enough of a difference with BCPs between generic and name-brand. I had been on Loestrin for about 8 months when my insurance changed and I was instead put on microgestin, its generic. It was no different. There was really no difference.

My sister works for a drug company. She says that the only reason why the doctors push the name brands is because they are so strongly influenced by the drug companies. The drug companies that make the name brands don't make any money when most of the prescriptions filled are for generics. Only the drug companies making generics are making money - and not even close to the amount that they make on name brands.

It's all just a name. It's just like with the over the counter stuff. I haven't bought name-brand Tylenol, Aleve or Benedryl in years! And I don't see the difference between the name brand and the generic! It's all the same, guys. It's really no different.