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Hello Feelbad

It is so good to talk with you! I SO agree with you about the Plavix. My doctor's appt got put off until today (long story).

Yes, I think I do, indeed, have naturally thin blood. when I was younger, I always had to take Vitamin K before having a tooth pulled or anything like that. This just came back to me a couple of weeks ago.

When I had the heart attack 2 and 1/2 years ago, I was put on Plavix. It was supposed to be for 3 months, then the cardiologist wanted 6 months. then he thought that if Plavix did a particular job in helping to prevent clotting right after a heart attack, why not just stay on it as a preventative measure. I was reluctant, but agreed. Now I wish I hadn't, but will stay on it until the blood work is done so that a true picture can be seen. I decided to first see my PCP about this. He is always my first source of defense. Smiles. He knows my cardiologist well (his, also), so if there are ant issues, they can talk about it. I DO want off the Plavix big time.

Another thing is that I am taking Glocosamine/Chrondortin to combat Osteoarthritis. Researching, I discovered that Chrondroitin is also a blood thinner. I would much rather stay on that than the Plavix. I think the overall mix is just thinning my blood too much. The G/C helps with the arthritis pain so much that I do not have to take any aspirin-like products for pain relief. The rare ocassion when I am in high pain, I take 2 tylenol arthritis capsules and rest. The G/C costs less and I am much more comfortable with it than the Plavix. Been reading some disturbing news about Plavix lately....

Feelbad, just as an aside... my cancer is myxoid liposarcoma. It has been 11-12 years now since diagnosis. rare cancer.. the biopsies actually had to be sent to the Army in DC because 3 pathologists here could not determine the type of cancer. It is rare with a statiscally high (95%) return rate. I was fortunate enough to be treated in one of the two centers in the country that actually have specialty units in sarcoma and were dealing with my particular cancer on a daily basis with people all over the world. HOWEVER, I feel so blessed by the oncologist's report some years back that I was in "remarkable remission." I totally accept that as cured. Smiles.

It has felt so good to post with you. Thank you for your concern and caring. Hope all is well with you.

I will post again at some point after today's visit and something concrete occurs.

Be well, friend