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Hello.. I have a question ... On Monday around 5pm my mouth started to feel wired so i went to take a look and the back of my throat and the sides of my cheeks were red so i called the dr. on call cause the office was closed and he said to take 2 Tylenol so I did . I had a sleepless night worried about what was wrong with me so in the morning I jumped on the computer and looked it up well... everything that was comming up was Oral Thrush.. so i called the dr. and got an apt. that morning so i went and She tells me its not thrush and she dont see anything wrong and to go to the dentist cause they take care of the mouth... I said but your a dr. dont you take care of basicly everything? she said not the mouth ... hmmm I thought I guess since I told her i had no pain and no fever she didnt want to deal with it? I still feel like something is wrong things lilke that just dont happen just because right? what I read is that sometimes its an infection thats bringing it on ... she didnt take blood nothing... just looked into my mouth ... anyway do any of you have any symptoms like this? I would love to hear from someone thanks Janice