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Fibromyalgia trigger spots are in the areas you mention. Ask your doctor to check for Fibromyalgia. Yeah, some docs believe it is a real disease and others do not, but, I am here to tell you it is real. A rheumatologist is usually the type doctor to see.

I have had fibro for over 50 years but only diagnosed as such since 1984. I do not take meds specifically for fibro. I did try Elavil, two doses and it crashed me totally. Been afraid to take another or similar med since. I tough it out, take Tylenol Extra Strength on rare occasions (Tylenol is not good for us either). There is no known cause for fibro and no known cure. Yes, there are lots of meds out there that are given for fibro. I asked a lady one time if all those meds really helped that she was taking and she insisted they were. My next question was, "Do you still have hurt"? The answer was "OH YES. I decided if I was going to hurt after taking all those meds, I would just hurt without the meds, keep my money, and not be drugged.

A slow firm deep circular massage will reduce the pain. Will be painful to massage but it does work. I use a heavy duty vibrator on my back for same purpose.