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Right after lunch on last Friday I started getting bad cramps and nausea. I ended up throwing up 3 times that afternoon. My mom said it was food poisoning, but later when I got home Friday night I was really dizzy and didn't even want to walk. Being in the sunlight made it worse. I thought it would go away by Saturday, but it didn't. I woke up Saturday morning just as dizzy as the night before, and I stayed that way the whole day. I felt alright if I was laying down, but when I got up the dizziness came back all over again. Also, I couldn't eat anything. Maybe a bit or 2, but that's it. I almost felt as if I was eating in slow motion. All I wanted to do was sleep.. So I did. This morning I feel a little bit better, but still a little dizzy. Is this from food poisoning? My mom even called the restaurant and they said the type of sandwich I had - the meat came in fresh that morning. I just thought whatever. I've taken Tylenol and few other meds to make it go away and it hasn't budged. Also, I have really bad diarrhea. Sorry if this was long I just want to figure out what's wrong with me!! :dizzy: