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more than likely,you just recieved one heck of a soft tissue type injury which would include a big old nasty bruise.anytime you injure soft tissue,you will automatically get a bit of tissue swelling since you do break tiny little capillaries,which causes the bruising as well as some level of lymph fluid that is also in there too.that is the part that causes swelling itself.this is kind of to be expected from what you described,must have been quite the picture there.just taking it easy and applying ice there when it becomes painful or swollen will help to ease the pain some.after the first 24 hours,taking aleeve or tylenol or advil would be okay.heat will do a better job for the overall soreness after that first 24 hours passes tho,or alternating hot and cold for twenty minutes like every couple of hours will help get things back to normal quicker.

i just wanted to mention something to you that will most likely occur just with the huge size of your particular bruise.it will "appear' over the next few days that that bruise is becomming actually larger to you?it will move down a bit from where it is actually sitting now,just because gravity kicks in.so if you happen to notice it going further down on you or it appears that you could be bleeding more,this is what is actually taking place.in most cases,it is just that 'clump' of old blood moving downward just being on your feet and gravity just kind of 'pulling" it down.nothing to get worried about.thought i would mention that to you since this happened to me in my upper leg and scared the heck out of me til i saw my doc.just the gravitational pull and nothing more.this should just slowly heal on its own for you,BUT,if by next week things feel just a bit 'too" sore still or something doesn't feel "right' in that area,i would get this fully evaluated.it is possible that you could have like chipped a bone or something or depending on your age and other factors,caused a possible fracture or some other more in depth type of injury.you would know yourself what actually "feels' okay and what needs attention just by pain and other symptoms.just take it day by day and take it easy and this should heal just fine.anytime your pain and symptoms just seem a bit too much for the given injury,well,it should be evaluated at the very least by your primary.let me know how it all goes,K? take care,FB