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Hi Everyone,

On Mohter's Day Dh and I found out we are expecting. :) :) :) We are very excited!!!

However I am MISERABLE! I am scared because Im only 4 weeks and I just feel like a wuss. I know the baby is so very small, but Im having these HORRIBLE cramps. I have had them for like 3 days and I can't shake them. I have called the OB and they said it's normal as long as I dont have bleeding. Which I don't. Even when I had periods I never cramped this bad. Anyone else experience this. What did you do to make it better. I have not slept well at night because I can't get comfy. I have been taking Tylenol. Can I use a heating pad or somthing? Part of me wants to run to the Er because I hurt so much but I just feel silly. I have a low tolerance for pain. I have Multiple Sclerosis also. Im used to taking strong pain pills when I hurt. Im a freak huh?

Thanks For any advice!
using a heating pad right now may overheat baby inside. but don't worry, the cramping doesn't last forever. but as your uterus grows and stretches you will experience round ligament pain and uterine stretching. it doesn't feel to good either but it's completely normal. all i can say is take tylenol and when it flares up just go take a nap. :D
Cramping in early pregnancy is normal and usually goes away after a few weeks. Ask your OB what you can take if it gets unbearable, but the only thing I can suggest at the moment is Tylenol and lying down and trying rest. Hang in there, it usually only lasts for a few weeks in the first trimester; it doesn't last the whole pregnancy.