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Wow Numb_One! You and I seem to be following the same path! I went to the ob yesterday and she said everything looked good- strong hb, cervix closed, no trace blood. She even said I could be considered second trimester and I could stop taking progesterone supplements. I haven't (knock on wood) had any spotting since Friday. I took some tylenol last evening and the cramping really went away. Even this morning, it is nothing like it was yesterday...there's no rhythm to it...much less often and I can feel it's more on the sides. The ob said she thought it was probably the uterus stretching. She said if it was a miscarriage, typically it wouldn't subside with a warm bath or tylenol but would progressively get worse. SOoooo...I'm hoping it's ok.

As far as the spotting goes...I hate to say it...my poor DH...I haven't let him near me since we found out.:rolleyes: I have been so paranoid and when my sister had her IVF her dr told her that he wouldn't want her to blame herself if they were to BD and have a miscarriage...so ever since I heard her dr say that...plus we had 2 mc. Don't worry...just because I'm not allowing DH near me doesn't mean he doesn't let me near him.

The ob did say she didn't think pushing too hard during a doppler would cause it...but she didn't offer any other reasons. I still put it down to the doppler because I cramped for a day or two after...that's not normal. I didn't have any cramping after my ob did the doppler because she is much more gentle. Either that or I strained on the loo? Oh the joys of pregnancy.

Take care! :wave: