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Am not taking Avonex, but am taking Rebif which is the same drug. I found that many people on Avonex complain of this, yet not as many on Rebif complain..possibly because Rebif is 3 times a week and your body becomes more acclimated to it?
Have you tried Aleve? Aleve is an over the counter like Tylenol but it lasts up to 12 hours. I have found it works SO much better than Tylenol before a shot, because the flu like symptoms dont appear- the 12 hour action keeps them away. I stopped having ANY symtoms at all within 3 months.

I really believe that if you havent relapsed again, its because of the Avonex. Theres too much evidence that this stuff works- I wouldnt go off of it for that alone! Have you had another MRI? Has there been any changes? IF you are showing positive MRI results, thats more of a reason to stay on it.

Please talk to your doctor. IS there a way, where you live to get the script and do it at home, yourself? I dont have much knowledge of the healthcare system where you live, but if the smell, the idea and the place are as you say, that would make anyone depressed! Talk to your doctor about all of this. Its possible, he can give you something to take the edge off and help you cope better with this.
Good luck,
Thank you everyone for replying. To answer some of your questions, I go to the clinic because I tried self injecting for 6 months and it got to the point that I became so phobic of the needle I would just sit there staying at my leg with the syringe trying to work up the nerve to stab myself. My mom even gave me some numbing cream which helped but the phobia just got to be too much. I do see a local Dutch doctor but the Avonex is provided through the base pharmacy (we're Air Force stationed over here). It's the base clinic that I go to each week. I think what I might do is continue on the Avonex until we move in September. When I have to switch to another doctor in CA I can talk to him or her about switching medicines. The Dutch doctor was very reluctant to even put me on Avonex because the Dutch don't believe in preventative medicines. He only did it because I'm American. Switching me to another med probably won't happen here.

I've tried Aleve as well and it didn't seem to help any better than the Tylenol.

I just learned that a friend of mine has Leukemia so it really makes me thankful I only have MS.