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I didnt know where else to post this...Is it ok to take tylenol 3 & advil together? I just wanted to be sure because the tylenol 3 doesnt work to well and I took advil and the tylenol 3 yesterday and it help a little bit more. I just wanted to make sure that im m=not overdosing or sometin

it is okay to take these together for a limited amount of time.i would not do it for a prolonged period tho.you can also alternate the two as well.just taking the tylenol 3 at one dose point and then the advil with the next.OR try taking aleeve in the morning and one dose at night.it supposedly works twelve hours(ten was about my time limit with it tho).this is what i did when i had my herniated disc.i had painkillers i took thru out the day when needed but i always took the aleeve in the morning before work,and after supper.this seemed to be a good combo for me.you could try it and see what results you get with it.naproxen sodium(aleeve)actually works much better for my inflammitory type pain than advil ever did.it is in the same group called NSAIDS,so it works basically the same way as advil does.this would probably be the safest way to go for you.just try it and see how it works for you.

what type of pain are you trying to control with this?was it an injury or something else?good luck,FB
It is fine, and often even recommended after surgery, or for bone pain. As long as you are not taking two types of meds with tylenol, or two types of NSAID's, you should be fine.