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Well, when I went to my dr's office a this week, I saw my medical record and in the inside of the medical record was this page and it said: obesity, kidney problems, PCOS, type 2 diabetes. As far as I know I only have one cyst on my ovary and the person who was doing my ultrasound told me that a cyst on the ovary is normal, but since mine is really large I need to see my regular doctor to discuss this. I assume she diagnosed me with PCOS w/out telling me since it was on this page. I don't have increased facial hair, nor do I have acne.

My bloos sugars have been normal just through diet. By normal I mean 120 usually...a bit high but I assume it will go down more when I lose even more weight.

I have not always had high cholesterol, there was a time when my cholesterol was fine, that was when I had quit smoking for 4 years and I was also working at a job in which I was constantly "working out." So I think I can do it on my own....this last set of blood tests will tell me if my cholesterol has changed after quitting smoking again and just eating a LOT better.

As far as my gallbladder surgery goes, I just read that sometimes people still have gallbladder symptoms even after the gallbladder is taken out. And since my liver is fatty and the liver has to pick up and do extra work because the gallbladder is not there anymore leads me to believe id like to try something else before going through a surgery. I have NEVER reacted well to anything injected into my body, I RARELY take medications (this even includes tylenol, asprins, etc) the only time I take meds is when it is an antibiotic and it's absolutely necessary.

Oddly enough I have more symptoms of Cushing's Syndrome which more closely match my symptoms. Who knows though, the body is one giant mystery and as far as my symptoms go I have symtpoms of everything ha heh :(

I THANK YOU for your reply Rose and I am glad you are ok now and that the surgeries worked out well for you. :)