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I really hope I'm on the right board. Sorry if I'm not.

I'm 17 years old. All my life I have never been able to swallow pills easily. I will put one in my mouth, get to the water and when I'm about to drink I will just freeze. Or I'll put the water in my mouth and then I get too nervous to swallow. Is there anyway to overcome this fear?

I've pretty much gave up on pills all together, but seeing as how I do get severe cramps during my time of the month, a pill would definitely be more useful than me having to lay on the bathroom floor until it passes. (liquid tylenol doesn't always do the trick.)

Actually, I also won't eat hard candy because I'm afraid I'll choke on it. So really I think I have a fear of choking on things more than anything.

It's a problem I really wish I didn't have, so if anyone could help I would really appreciate it. :) Or if anyone has similar problems, feel free to tell me. I'd like to hear from someone else with this problem.