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My son will be 2 on Saturday, and he very rapidly seems to have come down with a flu-type bug. He out of no where threw up yesterday, and was running a fever, and it's been very hot here, so that isn't helping. Anyway, he was sneezing a lot, as was I, and I thought it was allergies, but I feel like I have a cold now, and he has been sneezing a lot of green snot (sorry) out of his nose. And then this morning I got him up, and he was really hot, but with a low grade fever this time, so I gave him some tylenol and a little drink, and that all came back up after about 10 minutes. I gave him a tiny drink of water to clear his mouth out after throwing up, and he is just laying there whining and moaning. I am really kind of worried since he's never acted this way before. I am going to call the dr today, even though they'll just tell me that it's a "bug" that needs to run it's course, which it may well be, but sometimes I feel they don't listen about him acting different. Anyway, in the meantime, should I be really worried? I just don't know how to console him. And it's really hot again today, so picking him and up and cuddling probably won't feel good to him. Help! Any thoughts? P.S. I just turned around to check on him and he's up dancing to the Backyardigan's now! But outside of this, he really hasn't been well.
Hi Andilyn

Again, our lives are mirroring each other. I got a call from day care last Friday that Liam wasn't "right". I went and picked him up and he had a slight fever. I took him home, gave him ibuprofen and put him down for a nap. He woke up 90 minutes later in a horrible mood. His fever had gone UP (103) and within 2 minutes of having some water and some Tylenol, he puked like I have never seen him do before.

He was feverish all weekend but thankfully he didn't throw up again. (He also really didn't want to eat anything.) After a few days, the fever went away and he seems fine. He is coughing but then again, he has been coughing since February.

I have some kind of sinus infection with the same technicolor snot as you seem to have right now. I also have a nasty cough - but only at night!

We just bought and air purifier/filter system for the upstairs of our house. I really hope it makes a difference in our health.

Good to hear from you again!