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Is your doctor aware of your alcohol use? If so then your medications are not out of line. You are risking severe liver damage if you were to take any additional medications with tylenol in them. In regards to your reaction to anti-depressants, were you still using alcohol with them? If so, this could result in a really bad reaction to the anti-depressants. Alcohol is a depressant so it may be covering up the anti part of your medication. I don't want you to feel like having a couple beers a week is terrible but if you are abusing it or binge drinking, i would suggest quiting alcohol and then get with your doctor about the root pain problem. If at that point he is unwilling to help you I would seek other pm doctors in your area. Good luck.
Good luck with the docs. They're far more concerned today with being investigated for over prescribing pain meds than they are with helping you.

People develop a tolerance to these drugs. Some people have a naturally high tolerance to begin with; this can be genetic, biological, and it is a documented fact.
However, if you start to need more for the same amount of relief from your pain, many (most) doctors get frightened and tend to want to get you off their hands, or stop prescribing you meds. IMO, it has nothing to do with the BS they try to feed you as an excuse. They just don't want to be the victim of a witch hunt and lose their license. Can I blame them? No, not really. It is understandable I guess. No one wants to lose their job. It's just sad that this is the way it works in the US. Not sure when it came about, maybe the late 1980's from what I've read, but there was a massive witch hunt for pain med prescribing docs and many of them were ran out of the business for it. I know we had a doctor right here in town that got it. After that it was nearly impossible to find a doctor in town that would prescribe anything other than tylenol or ibuprophen for even a major surgery, it seemed. There was a big article in the paper about it, really hurt a lot of people.