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Very Proud of you, Hotflash! I think its both incredibly self-less that you will be helping to get results for all of us who have MS, as well as incredibly SMART of you to start on not one, but possibly two meds asap! Mitch has been a wealth of info, keep in touch with him....but, please keep all of us informed as to how you are doing as well....

Mentioned it before, but I am on Rebif. Its the exact same drug as Avonex....yes, the flu-like symptoms were pretty horrible the first few months, however I used Aleve....Aleve, instead of Tylenol or Motrin, lasts up to 12 hours...by using that, I managed to get some sleep and get thru the worst of the symtpoms...of course Rebif is given 3 times a week, where Avonex is less often; and copaxone is more often, with totally different side effects...but you will cope. You will survive this, and you will get past the worst of it, as thousands of us have in the past...we will all be here to cheer you on! Im very proud of you...

Hows the heat in AZ these days? My husband and I used to travel to Pheonix yearly...and at one point had spoken about retirement in that area. Last year we went to Wickenburg, closer to you, right? It was beautiful! I am having a horrible time with the humidity this summer on the east coast, and more and more- the call of the AZ mountains are crying my name! We cant do anything for a few more years until my husband's children from his previous marriage are a little older (and we lose the child suppport) but someday I hope to make AZ home as well! Lucky you for living in one of my favorite places in the world! (NJ isnt all its cracked up to be, but I had to fall in love with a Jersey boy, right?!)

Please keep us posted on your health...and really, thank you for helping all of us.