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The directions on the label depends on what problem it's being prescribed to treat. I've been given Xanax for migraines that lasted for almost an entire month. The label reads 1 tablet of 0.5 at bedtime. When they did not subside the doctor changed the directions to 0.5 3 times a day. The pharmacist called the doctor to make sure he meant what he wrote. I did not take them 3 times a day instead I asked for Tylenol 3 or Soma and was given both along with the Xanax. All of them said take 1 at bedtime. I doubled checked with the pharmacist and she said each pill did something different so it was safe to take them all. I did not. I took one at a time if within 2 hours I was not feeling better I added the other. I never needed to take all 3. It was good to have all 3 so I did not need to go back to the doctor for a couple of months. I kept switching them when they stopped working.

Xanax does nothing for me at all. Actually hardly any meds do anything for me at all. A new pill will work for a day or 2 then after that it stops working.

Any pills I take after a few days stop working. I have to stop all meds for a few weeks then I can take them again and they will work for a few days but I have to stop and give my body a rest again. I have a very high tolerance for meds. There is no use in me taking more. I'd be in the same boat after my body became adjusted to them and would still need to stop and restart them.

Maybe you need an entirely different medication for your problem. I've never been given anything higher than 0.25 but have been given less.