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Im sorry to hear that. And that is HUGE! anything in the brain is too large! there is no room for anything EXTRA! I say, dont always listen to the docs. I have a small pituitary mass and god awful headaches as well as other I know with brain tumors. We all complain of headaches. Well there are supposively little or no pain sensory nerves in the brain (I believe I read that somewhere) so of course unless there is major compression , the docs cant find what else could be causing headaches. They like to blame stress, depression...ect; When I think they need to be doing a little more research. Granted, they know aa bit about the brain, but they will even tell ya, they dont know it all. They need to find the relationship between having something there that is not supposed to be and how it is causing headaches! Believe your daughter...There are too many people including myself going through the "headache" problem...alot of us have been found to have tumors, mass, cyst ect; but the docs keep tellin us "NO RELATION".pardon my french, but they are full of ****!, ill post a link here to show you how many people are being told this and have a mass of sorts. If I an still find the link! In the meantime, demand something for your daughters headaches...Imetrex..I myself..take reg tylenol and sometimes helps, sometimes does not....brb