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It sounds like you guys have had a rough couple of weeks. I can't explain what is making your kids sick. This type of things has happened to my sona couple of times and we have just had to try a couple of antibiotics and wait it out. In the end really, I don't know whether he had a bacterial infection or if it was a virus. I son't even know if anything I did cured hiim or if his body just cured itself.

I would say just keep in contact with your doctor, keep fluids in them, and stay on top of the fevers with Tylenol and ibuprofen. I sued to feel bad about calling my doctor all the time until we hit one of these "mystery illness" phases. I asked her flat out how often I could call. Maybe she was just being nice but she said that with things like this, we needed to work together to try to help him get better so we talked every day - she often called me.

Hang in there. Let us know how it is going.