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Hi Onyxgates
It is scary isn't it? I was too and was so sure I wasn't going to wake up! LOL! It's funny to me now, but at the time I'm sure I felt just like you.
I'm not sure what you are having the craniotomy for, so things may be different than mine. I had a 2 cm tumor removed from my occipital lobe.
When I got to the hosppital the day of surgery everything went so fast it seems like minutes now. They started an IV and that's all I remember! Next thing I know I woke up in ICU. I had a heart monitor hooked up, a BP cuff on, O2 monitor on my toe as I recall, and a urinary catheter. I didnt feel too badly and remember only asking for pain meds once or twice in the 24 hours in the ICU.
Nurses monitor you every minute. Every hour or two they ask you the same questions over & over....my name, where was I, what day is it...stuff like that. They did that for the whole 2 days I was in the hospital.
Once the catheter was out I was moved to a regular room. ONce in there I never took any pain meds, not even a tylenol. Not sure if that's just me, or it's common. I know the brain has no feeling of it's own, so the only pain would come from the incision area.
I even took a phone call right after surgery in the ICU from one of my friends who was home freaking out since my sister hadn't called her yet. LOL.
All in all it was far worse worrying about having it done than the actual surgery.
The neurosurgeons are so skilled and the equipment they have to guide them all the way is just amazing, so they are well prepared and have done these surgeries so many times. You will be in good hands.
I put all my trust in the Lord and my surgery was a breeze! The nurses kept telling me I was amazing....because I never took a pain med and was walking the halls as soon as they let me. (I'd do anything to get out of there!) So I went home a day early.
Hope this helps a bit. I know I can't take away your anxiety, but I'll be praying for you on the 9th. You will be just fine.
Faith :)