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Hi! I started a very active exercise program and I injured my knee, possibly on a leg press machine. Any type of lateral movements seem to exacerbate the condition. I have tried NSAIDs, tylenol, ice packs, rest (well, okay, maybe not that much rest!) I even purchased a Jumper's Knee strap in hopes it would relieve my knee pain.

If I try to run/jog I can barely move my knee, it is as if I am hobbled.
I stopped doing all the lateral activities that I could think of.
The pain seems to be mostly on the outside of the knee. One knee is in more pain that the other. If I kneel down it is painful getting back up.

I have an appointment this week with an ortho doctor so we will see what he says. My guess is he will want to do an MRI on my knee.
My hope is that this is a common injury that will respond to rest.

Anyone else experience this type of pain?
Thank you for your thoughts and responses.