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Do you also have a blistering sunburn? Sun poisoning, as far as I know, comes with the sunburn because it is an indication that you spent way too much time in the sun. If you do not have a sunburn, but have recently spent a lot of time outdoors on a hot day and have those symptoms, that could indicate heat exhaustion. As a matter of fact, that is what is sounds like to me. If so, by now you are probably feeling better, but in the future, get into a cool place and drink water or something like Gatoraide. It usually goes away on its own unless you ignore the symptoms (I got it once waxing the car in the garage on a hot, humid summer day so I don't know how anyone could ignore those symptoms), then it could progess to heat stroke, which sounds to me like the symptoms you listed in your post. By the way, if you do have that blistering sunburn and those other symptoms you mentioned, you need to use an aloe based lotion on your body, take tylenol or aleve and yes, call a doctor.