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I would appreciate some advice. I’m in China, and it’s hard to get good care. Got very ill back in May--fever, swollen lymph nodes (much worse on right) and headache. 4 fruitless visits to local doctors, finally went to Australian dentist who said wisdom tooth on right side badly impacted and had created pocket where infection was building. Cleaned it out and felt much better, antibiotics cleared up everything else. Three weeks later, he removed wisdom tooth in the chair (I’m 31).

10 days recovery--dry socket and bad infection that required another round of antibiotics. Finally start to feel better, finish antibiotics and that evening develop sore throat. Next day fever and congestion, too. Congestion gets worse, fever goes away after one day. Sore throat continues and then get a bad eye infection. I go to doc--only a local doc available at the international clinic that morning. She gives antibiotic eyedrops, and they clear up the eyes right away, but says the other is “a cold from the air conditioning” and just gives me Tylenol cold pills and cough drops. Is convinced none of this is connected to the tooth removal. The congestion and sore throat continue for the next three weeks, slowly getting better. Finally feeling pretty good three days ago, and then see that though sore throat is gone, tonsil and lymph node on the right side (same as tooth removal) are swollen and now gums/cheek around the right side are a tender again and headache is back.
The dentist’s advice is “keep the mouth cleaner,” which is impossible as I brush, floss, gargle with antibacterial mouthwash and then salt water after each meal and snack, and also use a bent syringe to shoot salt water and/or Listerine into the socket area in order to keep it cleaned out of food particles. The regular doc knows nothing about dentistry, and refuses to take the extraction into account. Says it has nothing to do with the illness, plus if the doctor is local he or she attributes everything to air conditioning, or not drinking enough hot water, or going inside/outside too much when it’s so hot out. So I don’t know what to do or who to see. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.